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Jennefer Free Coaching

Relationship & Life Coach
My speciality is relationships. I love working with individuals, couples, families, siblings and friends. Reach out to me to start your journey to better relationships.
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Small Group

Work with Jennefer in a group of 4-6 individuals. Group sessions are held virtually and in person.
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Meet one on one with Jennefer. Sessions are available either in person or virtually
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Join us in person for a relationship focused workshop, click the arrow below for upcoming events. 

Kind Words...

"When I started working with Jennefer my marriage felt mediocre and stagnant. She helped me identify, focus on, and implement practices I could work on in our relationship. The steps I took benefited me personally and deepened the appreciation I feel for my wife. During our sessions, she continually reminded me of my responsibility and held me accountable—all with a kind approach, which I have learned is central to who she is as a person.” –Jordan Jones

“I highly recommend Jennefer to anyone that wants to understand themselves better while reframing thoughts positively, needs helpful advice, or feels they are in a rut and needs someone on their side cheering them on. I started sessions with Jennefer at a stressful time of life when I felt I needed a reset. She helped bring much needed calm and perspective into my thought processes again. She asks sincere questions that get me thinking deeply about my life and the things I am working on. She has wonderful insight, is very positive, and I end my sessions feeling uplifted, understood, and wanting to be better. Sessions with Jennefer will be well worth your time. “—Christina Cooper

“I have loved my coaching sessions with Jennefer! She has always provided a safe welcoming environment where I can come and be myself. I feel like she has given me many different tools and resources that have bettered my relationships with others and myself which allow me to keep working towards other goals I have. She is kind and empathetic and I highly recommend her to anyone!” –Tammy Goodwin

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